Ateljee Mono, MonoBold & MonoOblique(in progress) is a versatile geometric monospaced font family.

The typeface was designed over an on-off period of six months, starting in November 2010. The main idea was to create a typeface that reminds of the elementary letters that is drawn when first learning how to write. The concept behind creating letterforms was to create a powerful way of communicating words and ideas, using a very simplistic and clear approach. This stripped down way of “writing" is very useful, as it can be used with a range of different images and typefaces. This is achieved by using geometric shapes as building blocks of the typeface, circles for the lowercase and rectangles for the uppercase glyphs. The concept of writing a document was also important to the idea of a basic typeface, hence a monospaced font. As with typewriters, it gives the feeling that a document is “written" and not “designed".

The typeface can be used in small point sizes, due to the large counters and long descenders and ascenders, but also in larger point sizes where the optical corrections of the typeface creates small but
interesting details.